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Our team of engineers has unparalleled years of experience designing broach tools for every application. These years of experience allow them to analyze and avoid possible trouble areas during the design phase and provide the customer an optimum tooling package with the first order. Computer aided design (CAD) and specially designed software packages used in the design ensures accurate and detailed tool designs that will satisfy the customer's design requirements. Our team of engineers work closely with customer product engineers, production supervisors and floor personnel to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency is achieved.


Since building precision tools is an art, we combine years of tool making hands on experience with state-of-the-art computer controlled grinding machines that ensure highly complex forms are accurately produced. CNC turning, milling and grinding equipment is used throughout the manufacturing process. CMM and specialized analytical gear checking equipment makes sure that each tool produced meets the desired design intent.


Federal Broach has in-house production broaching machines that allow us to take your part design from concept to reality. This is done by not only designing and building broach tools but also putting these tools to work cutting parts using customer supplied blanks. This ensures that the tool you get will meet your design requirements first time, every time.

Production Support

Our team of engineers and service technicians will work with your in-house personnel to help you achieve optimum performance from your broaching machines and tooling. Our years of experience allows us to quickly analyze your application and provide solutions to your most demanding broaching challenges.

Contract Broaching

Not ready to buy new capital equipment or need support in reaching new production levels? With in-house production broaching equipment we stand ready to do the broaching for you. From 1 to 100,000 or more let FBC do the broaching process for you.

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