Notice of Change in Shareholders

Dear Stakeholders:

Thank you for your patronage of our products and services.

In regard to the above-mentioned, we would like to inform you that our company's parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, hereafter referred to as “MHI”) transferred all of its machine tool related operations, including all shares of:

to Nidec Corporation (Head Office: Kyoto, Japan; hereafter referred to as “Nidec”) and the Nidec Group on August 2nd, 2021.

After the business transfer is completed, the names of FBH, FBC and SEB will not change, and there will be no change in our company's business operations and customer support including addresses, phone numbers and email IDs. The name of MAT will change to Nidec Machine Tool Corporation and the name of MHIA-MTD will change to Nidec Machine Tool America LLC, however there will be no change in working structure and collaboration between us. Some of our global operations may result in a change of address, phone no. etc., however our support in each country and region will remain the same. We thank you for your kind understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Federal Broach & Machine Company, LLC

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Established in 1952, Federal Broach and Machine, has built its business and reputation by offering a complete selection of broaching machines and broach cutting tools targeted at meeting industry demands. Our outstanding relationships with our customers, along with 60 years of experience in the broaching industry, makes our company capable of providing precision, high value-added products and services to our customer now and in the future.

Gear Cutting Tools

  • Hobs
  • Shaper Cutters
  • Shaver Cutters

Gear Services

Gear Tool Sharpening

  • Sharpening and Coating Hobs & Shaper Cutters
  • Sharpening Shaver Cutters
  • Gear Tool Services (All Makes)

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